What's Wrong with Medicare

The Urban Institute recently released a study showing that the average person who turns 65 this year will receive more benefits from Medicare than they paid in.  Their study looked at several common living scenarios for people of that age, covering low and high income earners, married and single households, and couples with one . . . → Read More: What’s Wrong with Medicare

"Modern-day version of Pittsburgh"

Neither hagiography nor its opposite, but note the opening sentence of this story: Low education levels holding Nevada’s economy back, official says. goes like this:

Nevada’s higher education levels are holding the region back from diversifying its economy and the city has become a modern-day version of Pittsburgh or Detroit, which once relied on one . . . → Read More: Modern-day version of Pittsburgh

How should the history of the industrial revolution influence economic reforms?

While recently reading Deirdre McCloskey’s ‘Bourgeois Dignity’, Joel Mokyr’s ‘The Enlightened Economy’ and Eric Jones, ‘Locating the Industrial Revolution’ (discussed previously here, here and here) I was pleased to find that these authors have been able to make a strong case that the industrial revolution can be best explained by modern economic growth theory . . . → Read More: How Should the History of the Industrial Revolution Influence Economic Reforms?