Interview With David Morgan About The Silver Manipulation

In this exclusive interview with David Morgan topics discussed include the silver manipulation, concentration of derivatives, differences between paper silver products and what thankfulness. A few of the articles referenced are high frequency fake tradingReg Howe’s discussion of gold derivatives contracting and concentrating, the GLD and SLV ETFsTed Butler and GATA.

Please keep in mind that as the 200 day moving average shows on the price chart that silver is currently very expensive and it appears that silver and gold are consolidating for the next upleg in the new year. However, silver is the restless metal and about 90% of its price movement happens in 10% of the time. Consequently, it can make a particularly exciting speculation at the present moment.

But keep in mind that you are playing against some of the largest money in the world who have, it appears, the regulators and court system on their payroll. The safest way to play is to buy silver and take physical possession. Then you can remain solvent longer than the market can remain irrational. If you apply leverage in any way then you can either be forced out of your position or the exchanges or regulators can simply change the rules without notice like they recently did with margin requirement increases or to the Hunt’s.


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As mentioned in the interview, the GVZ has declined precipitously in after hours trading on 26 November 2010 despite the massive volume of about $272M of gold for February 2011 delivery.

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