Chicago PMI Up, Consumer Confidence Jumps, Retail Spikes

On Tuesday, Chicago manufacturing reports and Consumer Confidence led the good news of the day.

Chicagoland continues to report accelerating month-to-month growth in their manufacturing sector. New orders rose in November vs October to extend what is now extremely strong order growth trending. Production is now cranking and like other regions is raising the demand for manufacturing employment which was reported strong in November as well as October. The healthy production is also holding down and unfilled orders, which now reflect a contracting rate.

The Chicago report covers both non-manufacturing and manufacturing and indicates that we will continue to see strength in the nationwide purchasing reports for November also to be released this week.

Consumer confidence improved in November at a rate better than any economist had projected this month. The Conference Board’s reading jumped more than four points to 54.1 fueled by gains in their “expectations component.” That measurement points to overall improvement in future months.

Retail sales also moved higher in the November 27 week according to ICSC-Goldman’s index released on Tuesday. The improvement now registers a year-on-year rate of plus 3.5 percent. For November as a whole, ICSC-Goldman has measured a three to four percent year-year gain.

Redbook reported a spike higher in same-store retail sales during the week just past. Its reading at a plus 4.9 percent on-year rate is now the strongest retail growth rate of the whole recovery.

All of these reports underscore a solid recovery that is on track and jobs growth (particularly in manufacturing) that continues to increase.

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