Getting Richer in Pittsburgh

Forbes: Where Americans Are Getting Richer.

You betcha…  No. 6.

They have a companion piece: 10 Highest State Income Tax Rates For 2011.  Might be worth noting that Pennsylvania is not on that list, nor anywhere near close.  Look at those state income tax rates and compare them to Pennsylvania’s.   A lot of those . . . → Read More: Getting Richer in Pittsburgh


There are two kinds of poverty: relative poverty and absolute poverty. One could define the latter as lacking certain qualities of life; for example access to a minimum of 1600 calories per day, shelter to keep you warm and dry, and clean clothing appropriate for your climate and culture. There are many people who . . . → Read More: Poverty

Markets Likely to Applaud Irish Bailout Terms

On Monday, markets will likely applaud the 85 billion euro bail-out of the Irish economy from the International Monetary Fund and European Union financing.

Over the weekend, the rescue package was approved at a meeting of European Union finance ministers in Brussels.

The overall financing includes up to 35 billion euro to support the . . . → Read More: Markets Likely to Applaud Irish Bailout Terms