Big Week, Big Decisions

Well, in case you had not noticed this is a rather big week in the markets so allow me to jump the bandwagon of market participants in dire need of some action after past’s weeks calm before the tempest. I will consequently be featuring Alpha.Sources’ first insta-blogging event which will take place in this . . . → Read More: Big Week, Big Decisions

48 Months

With the latest unemployment stats being reported it has now been a full 4 years since the regional unemployment rate was higher than the nation’s.¬†Though nobody mentions that trend.¬† Not just that factoid, but there are a few other things that pop up from the data worth noting.

As the Trib version mentions in . . . → Read More: 48 Months

Economic Events on November 2, 2010

The latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting begins today.

At 7:45 AM EDT, the weekly ICSC-Goldman Store Sales report will be released, giving an update on the health of the consumer through this analysis of retail sales.

At 8:55 AM EDT, the weekly Redbook report will be released, giving us more information about consumer spending.

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