Economic Events on August 27, 2010

At 8:30 AM EDT, the preliminary GDP report for the second quarter of 2010 will be announced.  The consensus is an increase of 1.3% in real GDP and an increase of 1.8% in the GDP price index.  The real GDP estimate is 1.1% lower than the advance estimate for this quarter, and the GDP price index estimate is rising due to increasing import prices.

Also at 8:30 AM EDT, the Corporate Profits report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis will be released.

At 9:55 AM EDT, Consumer Sentiment for the second half of August will be announced.  The consensus is that the index will be at 69.6, which is the same value reported in the first half of the month.

At 10:00 AM EDT, Ben Bernanke will give a speech at the Kansas City Fed’s annual Jackson Hole conference on the economic outlook in the United States.

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