Why Investing In Gold Is An Illuminati Trap

There are a lot of “why you should buy silver instead of gold” advocates out there, but this blog Why Investing In Gold Is An Illuminati Trap is, well, in a league of its own:

Welcome to The Patriots Cave, I am Joel the K. And yes, that is correct, the Illuminati wants you to waste your money on gold. Gold coins, gold bullion, gold stamps and gold of every sort. …

This is what I believe the NWO is planning to do with gold. They will scare the middle and upper class into sinking their money in gold, and then they will pull the rug out from under it all. Gold will plummet as panic selling ensues. Gold will fall to under $300/ounce. And then people will realize, that like diamonds, gold too, is just something pretty to look at, and that it has very little inherent value.

So say I am correct in my speculation. What then would be the smart move? Oh that is easy when you think with your instinct and intuition. SILVER. Silver will become worth MORE than gold. Mark my words. Brethren and sistren, for over 6,000 years silver was like gold, a pretty metal to make jewelry and spoons out of, and coins and bullion bars. However, in the last few decades, silver has been found to possess qualities unlike any other metal. Silver is now being used to make computers, electrical appliances, medicine, cars, planes, boats, machines, and millions of other things.

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  • Ron Paul Fan

    “Gold will fall to under $300/ounce. And then people will realize, that like diamonds, gold too, is just something pretty to look at, and that it has very little inherent value.”

    You are wrong.

    Obviously to you, gold is only ’something pretty’ to look at, but, that observation only shows you lack of education regarding the topic.

    Gold has no uses huh?


    How exactly are you going to write up all these nifty blogs without the conductivity that is provided by the gold wiring that is laced along the motherboard of your computer? How exactly will that processor function without gold tipped pins to make the connections?

    How will you make cell phone calls without gold? The circuitry won’t function properly without it.

    How will these electronics that you use on a daily basis function without gold?

    Well, if you have come to the conclusion that they won’t function as well without gold, then all you have to do is head on back to the 4th grade to brush up on that ‘laws of supply and demand’ lesson.

    Gold is hard to come by. You just can’t go pick it up out of the river. The simple laws of supply and demand tell us that as resources are more scarce, their value rises. That’s a simple, proven lesson.

    Now, knowing that gold is used for medical, technological and industrial uses, and also knowing that the price has risen as supplies have dwindled — Can you please reevaluate your position regarding gold and the price thereof?

    How exactly will the price drop if there is little supply. The bullion market only makes up a small portion of the actual gold market. So where did you get your information that helped you form your hypothesis?

  • Ron Paul Fan, you seem to confuse me quoting something with me agreeing with it. I posted that as a laught, thought it was obviously stupid. You seem to have missed the joke.

  • John

    Haha! Who is this guy anyway? Is he for real? Would someone please tell him that the Fed has announced more quantitative easing. Gold has held steady at $1,200 per ounce DESPITE the Fed trying to supress the price. What we are witnessing is the beginning of the greatest bull run in the history of precious metals. Gold at $2,000 oz. is not out of the question in 2011. Silver at $75 per oz. is realistic. In deflation – gold rises. During inflation – gold rises. It is the only place to be. Where else would you be? In equities? The S&P is at 1998 levels. lol! In real estate? Real estate is STILL dropping like a rock. It has a ways to go. WAKE UP!

  • Jeff Maylor

    Can you provide any evidence for this belief of yours about the NWO’s scheme?

  • riderr

    There is much much more gold on earth then silver.That is a hidden fact.Either way,I am going with food cash protection silver.In that order.I never see buy silver commercials,and when I go to the local coin shop,silver is scarce.

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