Debtors vs. Creditors

Those interested in this issue, which I have covered in this and this post, will find FOFOA’s latest post useful.

FOFOA agrees with Marx that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” but says that he got the classes wrong:

The two classes are not the Labour and . . . → Read More: Debtors vs. Creditors

Is Life Satisfaction Mainly About Comfort?

‘Contrary to both those who say money is not associated with happiness and those who say that it is extremely important, we found that money is much more related to some forms of well-being than it is to others. Income is most strongly associated with the life evaluation form of well-being, which is a . . . → Read More: Is Life Satisfaction Mainly About Comfort?

Economic Events on July 8, 2010

The monthly Chain Store Sales report will be released today.  This report on sales in chain stores gives a look at the health of stores that make up about 10% of all retail sales.

At 8:30 AM EDT, the U.S. government will release its weekly Jobless Claims report.  The consensus is that there were . . . → Read More: Economic Events on July 8, 2010