Japan’s Growth Up 4 Straight Quarters – GDP Now at 4.9%

In Q1 2010, the Japanese economy grew at a quarterly rate of 1.2% the government said on Thursday. The four straight quarters of growth now bolster assertions that Japan’s recovery is holding firm.

Their annualized growth rate of 4.9% was released by the Japanese Cabinet Office and accelerated from 3% for the Japanese economy’s fourth quarter of 2009.

Much like the U.S. economy, Japan’s private consumption makes up about 60 percent of the economy, but exports also play a key role in the healthy growth rates. Recovery in Japan has been assisted by a rebound in mainstay exports of cars and electronics, which both posted the fourth year-on-year rise in March. The report confirms that the continued strength is lifting domestic production and wages in the country.

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  • Maybe the US can borrow a page from Japan’s playbook. Our job numbers are dismal, still around 9.6%. The housing crisis looks like it will continue for another 2 years, and the deficits keeps on growing.

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