Risk Off?

Well, well … it seems that the Europe may be important after all or at least that the Greek malaise may be spreading. The EUR/USD at 1.29ish, the AUD/USD looking towards 0.9ish, and all things risky in equity land seems to be entering the room of pain …I will leave it to Mr. Bloomberg . . . → Read More: Risk Off?

Increasing Complexity And Violence

The transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age is resulting in a sea change between protection and extortion. As the world gets increasingly complex the result is a diminishing ability to extort while at the same time tools of protection are getting cheaper and more powerful. The arbitrary walls are coming down.

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Economic Events on May 5, 2010

The Mortgage Bankers’ purchase index was released at 7:00 AM EDT, and there was a week to week increase of 13% last week, which is the third week of gains in a row, and was attributed to the end of the second federal stimulus program and low interest rates.

The Challenger Job-Cut Report was . . . → Read More: Economic Events on May 5, 2010