China’s Exchange Rate and American Jobs

Here’s a brief reading list on the issue of China’s exchange rate and US manufacturing jobs:

Simon J. Evenett and Joseph Francois on whether Chinese currency revaluation will create net jobs for the US economy (link).

William R. Cline’s discussion of estimating the effect of renmimbi appreciation on American jobs (link).

Abdul Abiad, Daniel Leigh and Marco E. Terrones’s analysis of cost of reducing large current account surplus (link).

Paul Krugman’s discussion of Chinese exchange rate policy (link) (link).

Economic Events on April 29, 2010

At 8:30 AM EDT, the U.S. government will release its weekly Jobless Claims report.  The consensus is that there were 447,000 new jobless claims last week, which would be slightly less than the higher than expected number reported last week, and would continue the trend of slightly improving employment statistics.

At 10:00 AM EDT, the weekly Energy Information Administration Natural Gas Report will be released, giving an update on natural gas inventories in the United States.

At 2:30 PM EDT, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will testify before the Senate Appropriations Financial Services subcommittee about the Treasury budget for 2010.

At 4:30 PM EDT, the Federal Reserve will release its Money Supply report, showing the amount of liquidity available in the U.S. economy.

Also at 4:30 PM EDT, the Federal Reserve will release its Balance Sheet report, showing the amount of liquidity the Fed has injected into the economy by adding or removing reserves.

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