Apparently some Democrats object to the idea that Jamestown was run as a socialist enterprise, as Dick Armey pointed out. They say “Oh, no Jamestown was established as a capitalist venture to make a profit.”  Well, that’s true, but internally (which is the only thing that matters) it was run in the same way as any socialist venture. There was no money, no market, everyone got free food and housing, and — this is key — there was no incentive to work because only the corporation made profits. Individuals who wanted to work harder than others had no incentive to do so. So naturally, the enterprise foundered, as any socialist venture does.

Before you object by pointing to Sweden, do please consider that Sweden is nothing like a socialist country. It has high taxation and generous social benefits, but it has a vibrant and free market. Socialist countries don’t have free markets. They have government-controlled markets. The idea that socialist countries can have free markets is a recent and ignorant one.  Go read up on the history of socialism, and you will see that their first goal was to eliminate the marketplace, preferring instead government allocation of profits.

Okay, now you can object with Sweden, but at least now you’ll know in advance that I think you’re wrong. And crazy, but mostly wrong.

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