Poor Eurozone GDP Figures for Q4-2009

GDP releases are, by nature, lagging indicators and thus do not say a whole lot on the current momentum in the economy. Moreover, the immediate attention span when it comes to the Eurozone remains, and rightly so, focused on the situation in Greece (and Spain) and what plan exactly that is to emerge . . . → Read More: Poor Eurozone GDP Figures for Q4-2009

Interview With John Rubino

Trace: Welcome back to the 65th episode of the RunToGold.com podcast. This will be an interview with John Rubino. Welcome John!

John: Hey Trace! How are you?

Trace: Great, great. You’re the author of The Collapse of the Dollar.

John: Co-author.

Trace: Yeah, co-author with James Turk, the founder of Gold Money, and then . . . → Read More: Interview With John Rubino

Will Fiscal Asymmetries Threaten the Euro?

Earlier this day, I came across Moody’s Misery Index (link) which estimated the size of macroeconomic difficulties in European countries. In particular, European countries within and outside the Eurozone are likely to face stagnant GDP growth rates, high unemployment rates, deflationary pressures and a depressing fiscal outlook.

Moody’s Sovereign Misery Index

Source: FT . . . → Read More: Will Fiscal Asymmetries Threaten the Euro?