The Stimulus – One Year Later…

Many of you have emailed us with the Organizing for America’s chart on job savings and creation since the stimulus bill was passed last year.

I’ve recreated their chart here:

We all know there is a long way to go and many Americans are still struggling to find jobs, but there is certainly . . . → Read More: The Stimulus – One Year Later…

The Euro Crisis

Paul Krugman has blogged an interesting analysis of the anatomy of the recent economic crisis in Europe (link).

Europe’s difficult macroeconomic situation in the aftermath of the financial and economic crisis has exacerbated rising fiscal deficits and public debt alongside strong deflationary pressures. These pressures were triggered by the highly negative output gap – . . . → Read More: The Euro Crisis

Danny Tarkanian on Monetary Policy

Congressional spending and Federal Reserve policy have teamed up to lock the U.S. economy into a downward cycle that may lead to catastrophic failure if left unchecked. Both Congress and the Federal Reserve have taken reckless abandon in their recent attempts to insert the federal government as a solution to the country┬┤s economic woes. Rapid response and common sense solutions are required to counteract these irresponsible practices. . . . → Read More: Danny Tarkanian on Monetary Policy