Credit Where Credits Aren’t Due

Ilana Mercer concisely and elegantly makes a point that I’ve been harping on among big-L Libertarians for some time.

“Targeted tax credits” aren’t “incremental moves toward liberty,” they’re just social engineering — shifting the tax burden from those who spend their money the way bureaucrats decide they should spend it, and onto those who . . . → Read More: Credit Where Credits Aren’t Due

Dishonest or Just Incompetent?

Robert Shiller wrote a recent New York Times editorial, suggesting that the United States Government sell shares of the gross domestic product (GDP), similar to how corporations sell stocks. Mr. Shiller is obviously a very smart person. He is an economics professor at Yale University and authored various books on finance and the economy. . . . → Read More: Dishonest or Just Incompetent?

The Massive Momentum Of 2009

The great monetary scientist Isaac Newton, who served as England’s Master of the Mint for 24 years, also did some ancillary work in physics.  The laws of Newtonian physics are known by nearly everyone and are often used by analogy to apply logical reasoning in other fields.  In this case, a few of these . . . → Read More: The Massive Momentum Of 2009