¡Nuevo! Read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow”

If you want to understand Democrat fantasies in the absence of financial constraint or common sense, read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow.” Reed Hundt is a permanent member of the American politcal class, a Yalie, a partner in a high-powered law firm, head of Bill Clinton’s FCC, and a member of Barack Obama’s transition team.

Free money is Reed Hundt’s great idea.

Here’s how it works. Muggins, that is you & me, the hard-pressed American taxpayer, should buy everyone from Nome to Tierra del Fuego a pension, healthcare, and education. By these means, the United States will win in the economic competition with China that furnishes the title of his book and a small fraction of its other content.

No, it’s not a joke! He is being serious — if you’re an American with a job, you should spread the wealth around the hemisphere.

The leftist cabal currently in power and the pointy-headed intellectuals who influence them really think this way.

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