What is Progress?

In my last post I gave several reasons why I think the ‘good society’ is a useful concept. There is another reason. The concept of a ‘good society’ may help us to think more clearly about progress.

What is the problem with progress? I am just about old enough to remember the 1950s when . . . → Read More: What is Progress?

Ben Bernanke and the Great Recession of 2008/2009

Writing an op-ed for NY Times, Nouriel Roubini discusses the role of Ben Bernanke in this year’s recession (link).

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Jobs Growth in Chicagoland

The Chicago ISM survey of area purchasers was released on Wednesday. The purchasers manager’s index (PMI) rose sharply, up nearly 4 points to 60.0. This Chicagoland index has now posted gains for three months straight — all at accelerating rates (60.0 Dec, 56.1 Nov, 54.2 Oct).

The new orders have also held to over . . . → Read More: Jobs Growth in Chicagoland