An Upsurge in Inflation?

There is a lot of concern about inflation. Most of it is based on perusing the following numbers of the year-on-year changes in price indexes:

Jul Aug Sep Oct CPI (IW) 11.9 11.7 11.6 11.5 WPI -0.7 -0.2 0.5 1.3 WPI Food 13.3 14.0 15.7 13.4 WPI fruits,vegs 15.5 12.0 24.6 11.1

True inflation . . . → Read More: An Upsurge in Inflation?

Nasdaq Now Up Nearly 75% From 2009 Low

Earlier, we looked at what the current “dead cat bounce” meant for the Dow Jones Industrial stock index, but with a strong late Friday rally, Nasdaq Index returns have been even more impressive.

Up nearly 75% since the March 10th trough, the tech laden index spiked up another 1.5% on Friday, to close up . . . → Read More: Nasdaq Now Up Nearly 75% From 2009 Low

Pigs and Power

Many decades ago, George Orwell wrote a book called Animal Farm. It used a farm as a metaphor for society and depicted the transformation of a productive enterprise into a totalitarian regime. The progress toward dictatorship took small steps that were held to be in the best interests of “the people.” Equality of conditions . . . → Read More: Pigs and Power