Feasting on Dead Cat

And what a dead cat bounce it has been so far.

Since March the bull market run has continued swift and steep leaving many in the dust. On Monday the Dow plowed ahead and closed up 3,954 points higher than its low in March.

For those with the guts to invest with Warren Buffet . . . → Read More: Feasting on Dead Cat

Getting to a Liberal Trade Regime

I wrote two columns on trade liberalisation in Financial Express:

Where did the Bombay Club go wrong? Trade liberalisation: Looking beyond the WTO

Also see:

Protectionism by India, as seen at Global Trade Alert. The Unrelenting Pressure of Protectionism: The Global Trade Alert’s Third Report by Simon J. Evenett, on voxEU yesterday. Praveen Kumar . . . → Read More: Getting to a Liberal Trade Regime

The Debt Hangover

If Friday was the day Macro Man had to pay for a wet evening in the company of alcoholic beverages, it was my turn yesterday as I spent the day trying to recover from a night where the amount of alcohol consumed had been beyond excessive. Thus, as I woke up, in agony, some . . . → Read More: The Debt Hangover