Explaining the Latest Version of ObamaCare

Simply put, it’s like this: If you’re a member of Generation X or Y or whatever the hell they’re calling the various post-Boomer generations these days, you are to be boiled in hot water until you’re nice and tender and your meat and bones have separated.

The insurance companies receive the meat (“individual mandate”).

The Boomers get the bones (“Medicare buy-in”).

Beautifully efficient as cannibalism schemes go, don’t you think?

Unlike the previously considered “public option” — which might have had loopholes through which a clever youngster could have navigated his or her wallet to some semblance of safety — the “Medicare buy-in” automatically gets the older, higher-risk types out of the insurance companies’ way while pushing the younger, lower-risk population right into their gaping maws with the “individual mandate.” Lower risks! Higher profits!

And watch for ObamaCare’s approval ratings to jump way up since that older, higher-risk group — the over-55 set, which almost certainly constitutes an absolute majority of voters — gets its health care subsidized by the younger, lower-risk group, too (through the payroll tax system, which is already tried, tested and and as escape-proof as anything the government’s ever come up with … just wait, it won’t be long before the younger group’s “insurance premiums” get folded into that scheme as well).

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  • jim

    Never over look the fact that private health care through insurance payments are available in all countries with state run medical care. Even the UK has BUPA and other private medicine providers who you can buy insurance from.

  • Quebec tried to ban private insurance in Canada, but the law was overturned by their Supreme Court, so I believe you are correct.

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