Economic Geography and the Recession

New York Times published an interesting geographic map of the recession in the U.S (link)

Fiscal Policy and the Deficit Bomb

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former CBO director, discussed the negative effects of the new fiscal policy in the U.S (link).

Gunning For Goldman Sachs Gangbangers

Goldman Sachs (GS) gangbangers are engaged in public service, or more appropriately pillaging, as fast as possible even while the victims are getting increasingly shrill in their protests.  No means no and the gangbangers are not being respectful.  Bankers, financiers, hedge fund managers and others are being exterminated under suspicious circumstances.  Even senior gangbangers . . . → Read More: Gunning For Goldman Sachs Gangbangers

Obama’s Brilliant Jobs Move

President Obama convened a “jobs summit” at the White House Thursday morning. It was likely one of the more brilliant moves of his presidency.

One of the most notable early promises from Obama was that the massive stimulus measure signed into law earlier this year would save or create 3.5M American jobs. The President . . . → Read More: Obama’s Brilliant Jobs Move