Australia’s Inflation, Recovery, and Interest Rate

Reserve Bank of Australia decided to continue the increase in benchmark interest rates by 25 basis points to 3.75 percent in the light of short-term inflationary expectations (link). Here (link) is a brief macroeconomic outlook of Australia.

Exit/Enter QE?

If the theoretical discussion in the context of monetary policy, through most of 2009, has been centered on the different tools disposable to central banks in the form of unconvetional measures it seems almost certain that 2010 will be all about putting theory into action. Most notably is of course the much debated concept . . . → Read More: Exit/Enter QE?

Beige Book Summary is the Best of 2009

On Wednesday the Fed released its summary of comments received from its 12 regional districts in the November time-frame. The notes represent a collection of comments from businesses and other contacts outside the Federal Reserve and does not necessarily represent the views of Federal Reserve officials.

The regional reports indicate that economic conditions continue . . . → Read More: Beige Book Summary is the Best of 2009