The Great Unravelling (Dubai Edition)

Although I certainly would not rank it alongside Macro Man’s dreaded vacation indicator or the incipient increase in the USD if and when the Economist finally decides to slot its decline on the front page, I still have the nagging feeling that whenever yours truly sit down at either a dull and difficult econometrics . . . → Read More: The Great Unravelling (Dubai Edition)

Appreciating Collectibles

Some of the gifts you receive this holiday season may seem inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they will not be incredibly valuable one day. In fact you might just have something valuable kicking around in the back corner of that old childhood closet.

Do you happen to own the first Superman comic book from . . . → Read More: Appreciating Collectibles

New Sources of Financing for Microfinance Assets

The problem

The main source of funding for microfinance in India has been through banks, primarily through the forced `priority sector lending’. Over the years, the demand for funds in the microfinance industry has outpaced the growth in investment by banks. In addition, banks are not the ideal place for these assets, given the . . . → Read More: New Sources of Financing for Microfinance Assets