Year Over Year Market Gains Shine Bright

Even though markets were sliding rapidly last year at this time, the stock market indexes have now recovered to the point that year over year gains are quite substantial.

For the Dow Jones industrial average, the one year gain is now 1,773 points, up 21% from a year ago at this time:

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U.S Dollar and Reserve Currencies

The Economist published an excellent analysis on the future of reserve currencies in the world (link).

Random Shots

As I am preparing for a tournament this weekend in Sweden I only have time for some random shots, but then again; taking random shots seem to be exactly what the markets are all about at the moment. The first such random shot came from today’s release of the GDP figures from Europe . . . → Read More: Random Shots

Starving The Vampire Squids

The vampire squids of Wall Street and Washington DC are parasitic organisms and you are locked in mortal combat with them.  They desire to suck all the value they can from you and then toss your carcass aside.  As with most parasites they prefer subtle tactics that do not attract attention.

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