US Job Growth Likely By Christmas

Now that the US recovery is in full swing, many continue to asked “when will this newfound economic growth produce new jobs?”

This past week all eyes were on job numbers. And there were some encouraging signs.

First, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. announced on Wednesday that planned layoffs at U.S. firms fell for . . . → Read More: US Job Growth Likely By Christmas

East Europe after 1989

I have an article in Financial Express where I look back economic development in Eastern Europe in the last 20 years, and compare and contrast with India.

In recent weeks, a lot of very interesting writing, looking back at 1989, has come out. My suggestions for further reading follow. Readers of age 40 and . . . → Read More: East Europe after 1989

Health Care: The Three Legged Stool

A few years ago, Arnold Kling, an economics professor at George Mason University, presented an interesting description of the type of health care system that Congress is planning to impose on all Americans. With Medicare‚Äôs unfunded liabilities in the multiple tens of trillions of dollars, it is like the Titanic sailing full speed ahead . . . → Read More: Health Care: The Three Legged Stool