Interview With Ian Gordon

TRACE MAYER: Welcome back to episode #55 the Podcast, I’ve got with us today a special guest, Ian Gordon from the Long Wave Group. Welcome Ian.

IAN GORDON: Thank You very much for having me.

TRACE: Great. To start off with the latest news, why do you think that the gold price is . . . → Read More: Interview With Ian Gordon

Cisco Joins Many Others: Recovery Is Gaining Momentum

John Chambers ignited markets on Thursday. The Cisco CEO joined other leading firms like Apple, Amazon, Alcoa, Intel, and others by stating that, “the quarter was very strong. The recovery is gaining momentum.” Earlier in the week, the institute for supply management speculated that the US GDP is likely now growing at an annualized . . . → Read More: Cisco Joins Many Others: Recovery Is Gaining Momentum

Governments taking over banks

Jerry Caprio and Ila Patnaik, at two ends of the world, on the same subject.

The UK Special Resolution Regime has excellent documentation on the web.

There is a lot of talk in India about financial stability, where basic ideas are distorted to defend the status quo. Financial stability is, sadly, not interesting to . . . → Read More: Governments taking over banks