Effective Tax Rates Around the World

Here’s a short brief (link) by The Economist on effective tax rates around the world. At a stunning 55 percent effective tax rate on annual gross earning of $100,000, Slovenia is the most heavily taxed country on earth followed by India, Italy, Sweden and Argentina.

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Auto Sales Cruise Ahead in October

On Tuesday major auto manufacturers indicated that their October sales rebounded significantly following a weak September.

The increase to the US annualized sales rate was nearly 20 percent better than September’s measure. Early estimates show the bump adding $5 billion, or roughly 1.5% to October’s retail sales numbers versus September’s readings.

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A Call to Arms

American populist angst has been rising for some time now. The optimist in me hopes that the Tea Party movement, and with it the rekindling within Americans of the vision of the founders and the defense of our Constitution can “fundamentally transform the United States of America” to coin a phrase from our old . . . → Read More: A Call to Arms