US Growth Probably Now at 4.5 percent

The economy continues to rebuild itself and the manufacturing sector has now grown for three consecutive months. According to the Institute for Supply Management, their PMI registered 55.7 percent. That is 3.1 percentage points higher than the 52.6 percent reported in September. It was the highest reading for the index in over 3 years . . . → Read More: US Growth Probably Now at 4.5 percent

Gold Bug Bit The Tudor

Edgar Allen Poe’s most widely circulated story was ‘The Gold Bug‘ where William Legrand appears to go insane after being bitten by a bug he thinks is pure gold and embarks on a search for mythical treasure.  Paul T. Jones II of Tudor Investment Corporation has approximately $11.57B under management and has earned $1.22B year-to-date . . . → Read More: Gold Bug Bit The Tudor

Do It Their Way

Tom Slee has written a book entitled No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart. The introduction of the book ends with “why we need to rely on collective action rather than individual choice to take us to where we want to be”.

Poor Tom! He fantasizes that once the tools of coercive collective . . . → Read More: Do It Their Way