Differing Views on the Spanish Banking Sector

Who does not like a good argument? I for one do, especially when it comes to economics. A lot of water has already gone under the bridge relative to the note published a couple of weeks back by VariantPerception on the Spanish banking sector which provided a timely and, in my opinion, accurate analysis . . . → Read More: Differing Views on the Spanish Banking Sector

Malevolence? Stop the Insanity!

“There has to be a counterweight to the malevolence of the insurance industry.” So says Senator Jay Rockefeller said to mop-topped interviewer Al Hunt of Bloomberg.

Malevolence? What’s next out of the mouth of the Democratic senator from the state of Tourette’s syndrome?

You will wait in vain for the industry to fight back . . . → Read More: Malevolence? Stop the Insanity!

General Electric Profit Slumps 44%

from Marketwatch: General Electric profit slumps 44%

Financial business being run down rapidly, industrial business, a basic GDP play, seeing 8% lower revenues from the year ago period.

The pre-eminent American industrial company manages decline.

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