Paper, Plastic, or Ephemera?

How do you pay at the checkout line? Between checks, credit and debit cards, and online payment services like Paypal, it’s sometimes surprising when we see someone pull out actual cash these days. The way you pay may seem to be of little importance, but in truth, the money doesn’t all spend the same.

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Some Young Tech Companies Are Thriving

Small business is often referred to as the job-growth engine of the US. Particularly at times when the country is rebounding from recession, persistent innovators emerge as the next business cycle leaders.

An area’s laid-off workers frequently are just the catalyst for innovation, says Paul Jerde, executive director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship . . . → Read More: Some Young Tech Companies Are Thriving

The Mysterious and Elusive “Extra Money”

I always get a kick out of people – like the author of this week’s “Buttonwood’ column in The Economist magazine – who say that tax revenues to government are suffering because they spent all the inflated tax revenues they got all these years, and now the revenues are gone, gone, gone but all . . . → Read More: The Mysterious and Elusive “Extra Money”