Confidence Spike: Consumers, Small Business, Builders, Investors

Wednesday saw significant spikes in confidence from four important market groups:

1. The Consumer: On Wednesday the Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures consumer confidence on a daily basis, rocketed to its highest level in exactly one year.

2. Investors: Also on Wednesday, the Rasmussen Investor Index spiked to its highest level in over a year. Investor confidence is up 28 points since Jan 1.

3. Builders: Confidence among U.S. home-builders rose in September for the third straight month. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo confidence index bounced to it’s highest level in 16 months.

4. Small Businesses: Economic confidence among small businesses leaped to its highest level in 18 months in August as more owners expressed faith in U.S. economic recovery. According to the latest Discover Small Business Watch, their small business index rose 7.7 points from July, reaching the highest level since February 2008.

It is no wonder 2009 growth is coming on strong and the stock market might just be poised for a major leg up.

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