Gold Party Barely Started

The FRN$, the world’s reserve currency, has no definition and the quantitative easing will fail.  After all, what is a dollar?  Because there is no definition therefore it is impossible to perform accurate, or even semi-acccurate, calculations of value using this tool.  Consequently, other key ratios ought to be used to hone in and . . . → Read More: Gold Party Barely Started

What Do We Know About the Neurology of Human Flourishing?

“Human flourishing is fundamentally a self-directed activity. … Flourishing does not consist in the mere possession and use of goods that might be necessary for a flourishing life. Rather, human flourishing consists in a person developing the skills, habits, judgements and virtues that will, in most cases, achieve the needed goods. The goods must, . . . → Read More: What Do We Know About the Neurology of Human Flourishing?

Capital Gains Tax and gold

Question from a reader:

“No-one seems to be able to give a clear answer due to the sorry state of knowledge about PM’s in Australia but seeing as you work for the Mint, are an accountant, and want to make this site a source of information for Australian gold investing, are you able to . . . → Read More: Capital Gains Tax and gold