More on Recession Proof Jobs

Many economists have warned of continued unemployment — an economic indicator that always lags even as the economy rebounds and returns to growth.

With that in mind let’s again focus on what employment opportunities are out there. Particularly those positions that are likely to be recession proof.

For instance, many of Western New York’s largest accounting firms are sticking with their plans to hire new college graduates. While other sectors of the marketplace cut back on new hires, NY area CPA firms are tending to honor offers made last fall to college seniors.

Additionally as more and more companies look to social networks to promote their brands, they are hiring staff who can head these efforts. New positions are opening up in companies dedicated to social network marketing — social media experts who can build relationships and find customers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Construction companies that have received contracts for projects funded by the economic stimulus bill are beginning to hire new workers or rehire laid-off employees, according to Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

“Early reports indicate that the infrastructure piece of the stimulus is beginning to do exactly what was intended, put construction workers back on the job,” said AGC Chief Economist Ken Simonson. Simonson also reported that other contractors are canceling planned layoffs because of stimulus-funded contracts.

Tampa General Hospital has doubled the number of pharmacists on its staff since 2001 and is looking for more. There’s a continuing shortage of pharmacists nationwide, and Florida, with its above-average number of senior citizens, ranks among the states most in need of professionals who dispense medications. The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation has projected employment in the field of pharmacy to grow by 23 percent between 2008 and 2016.

Staffing firms around Albuquerque, NM are reporting that after a tough first quarter, the downturn shows signs of bottoming out, with hints of a rebound in the past few weeks. The firms are particularly seeing hiring demand return in professional fields, such as accounting and information technology.

Health Payment Systems Inc., a three-year-old health care billing firm in Milwaukee, also is looking for more workers. “We’ve been hiring people on a regular basis for the past three or four months and we are currently adding jobs,” said Bruce Lefco, the firm’s CEO. The firm is looking to fill openings in customer service, billing and information technology.

Despite the news of job losses and unemployment numbers, there is indeed strong employment opportunity in selected parts of this economy. In fact several industry segments have actually continued to add jobs throughout this whole recession. Indeed the jobs data shows bright spots — expanding industries that promise new, stable career opportunities.

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