Read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow”

If you want to understand Democrat fantasies in the absence of financial constraint or common sense, read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow.” Reed Hundt is a permanent member of the American political class, a Yalie, a partner in a high-powered law firm, head of Bill Clinton’s FCC, and a member of Barack Obama’s . . . → Read More: Read Reed Hundt’s book, “In China’s Shadow”

Raze The Fed

The FRN$ illusion is under increasing pressure.  In The Age Of Turbulence Alan Greenspan wrote on page 483, “But the dysfunctional state of American politics does not give me great confidence in the short run.  We could instead see a return of populist, anti-Fed rhetoric, which has lain dormant’.  Despite receiving no significant coverage in . . . → Read More: Raze The Fed

TARP Warrants: A Boon for Taxpayers?

On Friday it was announced that State Street Corp. became the first of 10 large banks to repurchase warrants held by the US Treasury. The warrants were put in place to assure that taxpayers are rewarded for their collective TARP loan to banks as the finance sector recovers.

The transaction occurred on Wednesday and . . . → Read More: TARP Warrants: A Boon for Taxpayers?