The War on Gold II

Further to my post of 6 May on the book Sutton, A.C., The war on gold, 1977, ‘76 Press, California, USA, below are some extracts from the book I’ve made for my personal reference:

Page 59: It is this disciplinary function of gold that is irksome to politicians and managed-economy bureaucrats and academicians. Politicians . . . → Read More: The War on Gold II

Commercial Real Estate: Recovery Signs?

Some commercial real estate business is stirring again.

The deals seem to be starting small, but never-the-less they are happening.

“Until a couple of transactions settled, you didn’t have a floor in the market,” says Jeff Pacy, a broker with Preston Partners in Lutherville, MD.

According to Pacy and other commercial real estate insiders . . . → Read More: Commercial Real Estate: Recovery Signs?