Credit Restriction

From Prosperity and Depression: A Theoretical Analysis of Cyclical Movements, G Von Haberler, rev ed., 1939, published by League of Nations:

Prosperity comes to an end when credit expansion is discontinued. Since the process of expansion, after it has been allowed to gain a certain speed, can be stopped only by a jolt, theere . . . → Read More: Credit Restriction

Housing Starts Rachet Up in May

U.S. home builders started construction on many more residencies than expected in May. The Commerce Department reported that housing starts increased by 17%. Building permits also rose 4% — significantly more than expected. The increase in starts was punctuated by a 29% surge in the West.

As this recovery begins we’ve continued to look . . . → Read More: Housing Starts Rachet Up in May

Act Now Before California Forces the Issue

Sometime in the next couple of months The Federal Government is going to give the state of California a lot of money. After lavishing more than a trillion dollars on Banks, Insurers and Auto Companies, there is a 0% probability that the government will sit idly while the largest state collapses. There real question . . . → Read More: Act Now Before California Forces the Issue