Consumer, Financial, and Investor Indexes Continue to March Higher

Consumer confidence indexes continued their march higher in May. The widely watched University of Michigan and Reuters index rose in its final reading of the month reaching it’s highest level since last September.

Previously the Michigan index rose to 68.7 from 65.1 in April.

The more dynamic Rasmussen consumer index also continues to post solid gains. That index now stands at 73.0, up four points from a week ago and up seven points from a month ago. The Rasmussen consumer index is now thirteen points above the first reading of the year.

Throughout May the Bloomberg Financial Conditions Index (BFCIUS:IND) has rebounded sharply. The index combines yield spreads and indices from the Money Markets, Equity Markets, and Bond Markets into one normalized index. It closed the month at a near normal level of -2.17.

Meanwhile, the Rasmussen Investor index surged, closing the week up sixteen points from just a week ago and twenty-three points from the beginning of the year. Among investors surveyed a full third now report economic conditions getting better.

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