Japan’s Golden Week Is Almost Upon Us

Back when I was working for Argonaut Capital in the 90s, Japanese stocks were part of my coverage. It was four or five years into the bear market that followed the 80s boom. The Japanese authorities had noticed that doing almost anything was better than opening the exchange for trade, so they multiplied meaningless . . . → Read More: Japan’s Golden Week Is Almost Upon Us

Snarling the Gold-leasing Machinery

This article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the London Telegraph has got a lot of runs in the past few days. This statement in it caught my eye

Low real interest rates have caused the process [mine hedging] to reverse, creating a shortfall of about 500 tonnes. The process accelerates as rates turn negative, leading . . . → Read More: Snarling the Gold-leasing Machinery

What Happened After 15 September in India

On 14 October 2008, Jahangir Aziz, Ila Patnaik and I released a short note on what was going on. It was titled The current liquidity crunch in India: Diagnosis and policy response.

On Monday (20th), Ila Patnaik has an article in Indian Express with one more piece of evidence that the APS story was . . . → Read More: What Happened After 15 September in India

Freddie Mac CFO — Apparent Suicide

Freddie Mac’s Acting CFO David Kellerman, age 41, has been found dead in his home this morning in an apparent suicide.

I wonder if Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) will now step forward to cite Mr. Kellerman’s example with approval.

Insane Psycho-Sociopathic Court Economists

Gregory Mankiw, professor of court economics at Harvard and economic advisor to President George W. Bush, proposed negative interest rates in a recent New York Times article.  Mike Shedlock, a prominent financial commentator has appropriately weighed in 19 March with Time For Mankiw To Resign and again on 21 March with Economist Mankiw Defends Policy . . . → Read More: Insane Psycho-Sociopathic Court Economists