This Isn’t About Democrat vs. Republican Anymore

In light of the recent Tea Parties, Janet Napolitano and her cronies labelled many people like myself as right-wing extremists. Now, I’m kind of used to hearing this by now given that I grew up in New Jersey and go to a university where only global-warming-fear-mongering, jihadist-appeasing (largely anti-Semitic), Marxist-sympathizing, military-hating, sovereignty-sacrificing chaps are . . . → Read More: This Isn’t About Democrat vs. Republican Anymore

This Has Worked Before!

This is a copy of the letter I originally emailed to the President, several key Congressmen and women, and news agencies, with no response. I am now sending it out to everyone I can, hoping it won’t be discounted before someone qualified will take a moment, to investigate and evaluate the concepts. For . . . → Read More: This Has Worked Before!