My Young Padowan

According to Wikipedia “A Youngling that successfully completes their respective level of training undergoes Padawan apprentice training under the tutelage of a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. In a rite of passage, Padawans must build their own lightsabers as a final test.”

While in Minnesota about six months ago I was approached about tutoring a high . . . → Read More: My Young Padowan

The Bloated Private Sector

The great insight of modern economics is the power of markets to align the interest of society and the individual. The idea that attending to your own affairs and following your passions is all that one must contribute to society is incredibly liberating. The market system has proven an incredibly powerful, efficient and innovate . . . → Read More: The Bloated Private Sector

Worst Market Day in Six Weeks

I know a lot of market participants have been looking for this break long before today. My sense has been that they are wrong and the market recovery in the six weeks through Friday can carry a long way, surprise everyone, and ruin the bears’ year as the prices will be set by investors . . . → Read More: Worst Market Day in Six Weeks