Currency exposure of Indian firms

Under a floating exchange rate, firms have a correct estimate of how risky it is to have unhedged foreign currency exposure. When a central bank artificially distorts currency volatility downwards, as RBI has often done, this gives out the wrong incentives to take on foreign currency risk. Now firms in India are lobbying that . . . → Read More: Currency exposure of Indian firms

What Will it Take to Get Sustainable Recovery?

This morning Jim asked me how long it will take for the Australian economy to get back on a sustainable growth path. I was not able to answer directly. I suggested that what happens to economic growth in Australia will depend on what happens in the rest of the world. I added that if . . . → Read More: What Will it Take to Get Sustainable Recovery?

Supply, Demand and Price

The CEO of the Perth Mint gave a presentation to the WA chapter of the Australian Institute of Company Directors on Wednesday that I thought I’d share with you. It was only three slides as it was a 10 minute slot. All of the figures behind these charts come from the World Gold Council.

. . . → Read More: Supply, Demand and Price