Christina Romer on Fox News Sunday

The Congressional Budget Office has pronounced the multi-trillion dollar Obama Budget too expensive and too wildly optimistic on out-year economic growth projections. Challenged on this, Christina Romer answers back that the CBO’s out-year GDP growth estimates of 2.2-2.3% are too pessimistic.

Those are sluggish numbers, but the CBO is taking on board the fact that our economy will be lugging an incomprehnsible debt level. Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest man, but I, fat and 46 years old though I am, might just beat him over 200 meters if he has to carry a sixty-pound bag of concrete under each arm and I do not.

It is rather the same things for the poor, downtrodden American economy. Given ten trillion dollars of debt to lug, and looking forward to the day when barely one-third of the people are carrying another third in government employment and the final third on government assistance, it will be a wonder if the economy does even as well as OMB assumes.

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