Obamanomics Are An Obamanation

Obamanomics are an Obamanation.

Robin Hood. President Obama.  Are they the same persona?  Based on TV and Obama’s news conferences both he and the media seem to think so.  “Rob from the rich; give to the poor.”  Of course, he uses the words “you should give more, because you have more”.  But the reality . . . → Read More: Obamanomics Are An Obamanation

The future of the TV Series Industry

I’m a big fan of TV series like “24″ and “Lost”. My wife and I eagerly watch episode after episode and get completely involved in the characters and the storyline. In fact, we begin to identify with each character and their mannerisms to the extent that we “latch” onto the main figures. We . . . → Read More: The future of the TV Series Industry