Citi Field Chicanery

First let me state a few qualifiers when it comes to the Mets’ now infamous Citi Field. Citi Field is gorgeous. The team that will inhabit it is not as gorgeous. It is outrageous that the taxpayers are backstopping the bank which made the naming deal with the team. It is embarrassing to an . . . → Read More: Citi Field Chicanery

Another Problem With The GLD ETF

In December I published A Problem With GLD and SLV ETFs where I briefly perused the GLD prospectus.  It concluded, “For these reasons including (1) the quality of the gold is at issue, (2) no audit of the physical metal is permitted, (3) counter-party risk impregnates the investment vehicle and (4) there are strong conflicts of . . . → Read More: Another Problem With The GLD ETF