The Audacity Of Actually Thinking

“The Audacity of Hope” is a catchy phrase with important implications. It is good to hope, to look forward boldly in anticipation of better times, to have a positive outlook that is open to opportunity. But, just as it is not a good idea to run around in the dark with a sharp butcher knife, it is also not a good idea to boldly pursue policies with blinders on, while wielding dangerous economic weapons.

The “war on poverty” has been a miserable failure, in spite of the trillions of taxpayer dollars spent over the last 4 decades. The “war on drugs” is another expensive failure on all fronts. Central planning in American education has resulted in a very expensive system that is failing our children. Ask any supporter of the welfare state, however, and the ongoing failures of government programs result only from not throwing enough money at them. It doesn’t matter what miserable results from whichever government program, the only proposed solution to the problems is more money stolen from taxpayers.

In the real world, if a private business or association is not successful, it either changes the way it does business and serves people or it takes a one way trip to the business graveyard. Bankruptcy and failure ensure that bad ideas or inefficient, unproductive systems don’t keep sapping life from the productive sectors of society. That is the way that society progresses and economies advance.

Not so with government. It seems that the bigger the failure, the more support it gets. We have been victims of expensive stimulus plans for some time now. Remember the cure-all about a year ago? If only the wise politicians could take enough money from taxpayers to redistribute to taxpayers, they could jump-start the economy. Not enough. More billions prop up banks and failing businesses. Between the Federal Reserve Bank, FDIC and the multiple stimulus spending plans, the toll is now in the multiple trillions of dollars.

With all of the smart people purportedly hanging out in Washington DC, you would think that they might realize that, if you take a dollar from Joe and give it to Frank, and a dollar from Frank and give it to Joe, you really haven’t stimulated either. Worse yet, if you take a two dollars from Frank, give one to Joe and keep one to feed the beast, you have actually de-stimulated and made the whole economy less productive.

Stimulation is the fundamental reason that this country and the world are in their present sad state of affairs. Central banks try to stimulate economic performance at the beginning of an economic boom by pumping counterfeit money into the economy and lowering interest rates below the market rates. That stimulation only distorts the real economic incentives. The inflation devalues the dollar and creates bubble economies, where certain sectors inflate at a quick pace, giving the illusion of rapid real growth. In the present case, artificially low interest, specific homeowner incentives, government subsidized mortgages and ownership programs, and requirements for banks to offer loans to risky borrowers combined for the deadly combination that exploded into the current meltdown.

Those same smart people in our nation’s capital choose to ignore the obvious, and instead, throw trillions of dollars of good money after bad. Instead of fixing the core problem, they play political games for fun and profit. It is hard to believe that hundreds of the most well connected and powerful people in the country can be so willfully ignorant. That is, hopefully, the case, however, because if it isn’t, it means that, instead, they are willfully malicious. They consciously hurt the people they pretend to help.

Audacity, in the positive sense, means boldness or daring. It is a characteristic of effective leaders.

There is, on the other hand, an old saw among seasoned airplane pilots: “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.” Audacity is sometimes the precursor to disaster, because it substitutes cockiness for clear thinking, and throws caution to the wind. In this time of crisis, our leaders have thrown caution to the wind. They are flailing in the dark so they can say they are doing something. They are prescribing poison as the antidote for poison. They don’t think about the ramifications and, instead, rely on knee jerk reactions, which will ultimately multiply the problems they themselves have created.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our politicians would have the audacity to actually think for a change?

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