Forced to be a Good Citizen and Buy American?

When I heard about the “big 3″ (GM, Chrysler and Ford) whining for “bail outs” I remembered Atlas Shrugged. It is long ago, I read that novel, but I remember very well, what those “honorable” industrials did to survive in spite of their obvious incompetence. They asked the government to protect them. Some things never change. Is it really a prerequisite to be incompetent, arrogant and evil to get on top of a big corporation? Sometimes it looks like. I tend to believe, that most of the workers at the assembly line have more of a backbone, than their “leaders” that fly in with private jets to as the government to help them run a business they obviously have no clue about.

How can they believe, government would know? Or do they only like to have the money thrown after them? Probably that is what they want. Keeping their chairs, private jets and their incompetence and having the taxpayers bay the bill.

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