Now You Can Manage Your Prescription Drugs Online

If you are at the age where you qualify for Medicare, then you undoubtedly understand how difficult it may be to manage your medications and prescriptions. The government’s Medicare program is a terribly complicated thing comprised of four parts – A, B, C, and D. Medicare Part A is for hospital care. Medicare Part B is for physician visits, outpatient care, and durable medical equipment. Medicare Part C, also know as Medicare Advantage, is actually a special plan that covers most medical services and prescription drugs. Medicare Part D is the part of medicare that covers drug benefits. Medicare patients can voluntarily enroll in Part D and depending on the plan administrator may need to pay a premium or a deductible. Essentially, it is the government’s insurance plan for drug benefits that is administered by various other insurance carriers.

One problem with Medicare Part D is that it is difficult for patients to organize their medications, shop for different medications, and coordinate their overall drug benefits. I happened to find a relatively new company called Destination Rx that is trying to make managing the prescription drug benefit much easier for patients. I do not have a financial interest in the company nor do I use the company. But in the spirit of investigating this topic, I thought it may be worthwhile to point out some of the newer companies out there that may be of benefit to readers. It is interesting also to see how technology can empower the patient.

This is a company that essentially allows the patient to create an account and manage their prescriptions drugs. It is a free site that provides online shopping comparison for prescription drugs. If you are not yet enrolled in Medicare Part D their site allows you to do so. If you already take medication you can find out if there are lower cost drugs such as generic brands as well as mail-order and retail pharmacy prices. They have created what they call a “Medicine Cabinet” to allow you to manage your prescriptions. You can even look up medical conditions and find out what treatments are available so you can initiate a discussion with your physician about treatments.

Although I am sure that many sites and services like this will appear, it seems to me to be a great idea. I’m not sure how much traction it has had or whether enough Medicare-age patients are savvy enough to use the internet or have the resources to access the internet for this kind of service. However, what I like about this type of service is the tremendous cost savings that it might bring Medicare recipients. If retailers and pharmacy resellers are forced to lower prices do to competition and increased efficiency in drug selection, healthcare costs can decline.

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