Amateur Economists Celebrates 3 Months, New Name with Book Giveaways

Most of you already know this: Amateur Economists is not that old. It turned three months old, to be exact, on October 7. Since our first and second-month milestones went by quietly and uncelebrated, we decided to do things differently this month.

In celebration of our readers old, new, and yet-to-be (because this online magazine is nothing without its readers), we’ll be holding a number of e-interviews over the next few weeks with authors who write on topics that you care about: healthcare, the world economy, business, etc. We’ll post the e-interview in the blogs and invite you to submit your own questions to the author. He or she will be answering your questions for a week before we close it with a drawing for free copies of the author’s book that he or she is promoting.

Our first e-interview will be posted this week and will be with S.J. Robinson, author of The Price of Death. We’ll also post the drawing rules and details before then. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blogs via RSS or email or, if you prefer, add our homepage to your bookmarks to stay updated on the e-interview/drawing events in the upcoming weeks.

Also, and probably most importantly, we have a new name and web address: Citizen Economists at We’re still amateur economists (at least most of us are), and the spirit of the magazine hasn’t changed. So why the new name? I think “citizen economists” is a more fair description. It reflects the fact that most of us are non-economists and the fact that we are also citizen journalists. And it definitely reflects the openness of the magazine: we depend not only on articles from our regular contributors for news and commentary but also on comments that our readers leave behind. That’s what separates the independent media from the mainstream media: for us, news is a conversation among and between contributors and readers.

That being said, we have implemented a new comments policy. You can read about it in the About page. The bottom line is that all comments must be approved before being posted, and, if a comment is disrespectful in any way towards a contributor or reader, it will be deleted.

Thanks for reading Citizen Economists, and we’ll see you at our first e-interview this week!

2 comments to Amateur Economists Celebrates 3 Months, New Name with Book Giveaways

  • Raymond

    I think you’re on to something good here, Anthony.
    I’m a 48 year old truckdriver with a high school education so I qualify as an amateur.
    I like reading history and I only got into reading economics because of investing. Keep it up.

  • Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for commenting! I think, with all that’s going on in the economy, ordinary people are starting to take an interest in economic topics. Just last night on the “Tonight Show,” Jay announced that the stock market rallied over 900 points yesterday, and the audience actually cheered. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen any type of financial news get that type of reception from a talk show audience.

    Thanks for also sharing your background. You actually are in the same age group as most of our active readers (those who leave comments). I’m 21, but most of the writers are closer to your age. There are a few younger readers, who mostly read Stephan’s posts.

    But the bottom line, I guess, is that we’re amateurs who care about the economy because it doesn’t just affect economists.

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