Libertarianism Goes Hip Hop

Last week, I discovered a new rap artist named Tahir Jahi had recorded and released a song called “Man Make Da Money” on his MySpace page. No, this isn’t another “bling-bling” materialistic tune – though those can be good, too – but a rap song critical of…the Federal Reserve?

You bet! Jahi heaps scorn . . . → Read More: Libertarianism Goes Hip Hop

South Africa: Moving On Up

The economy of South Africa has been in an upswing since September 1999, the business quarter after Nelson Mandela was elected to his second term as president of the new republic. During this decade just past, the nation has diversified from its traditional mining and minerals base and transformed itself into a pragmatic, fiscally . . . → Read More: South Africa: Moving On Up

Message to U.S. Expatriates: Pay Up

On June 17, President Bush signed into law a $1.2 billion military tax relief package, which includes an Exit Tax on U.S. citizens and long-term green card holders who expatriate from the United States. The Exit Tax is part of the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act (HEART) of 2008.

An American citizen . . . → Read More: Message to U.S. Expatriates: Pay Up