Got an Economics Question?

The Internet, television, and magazines or newspapers are full of features concerning economics. So is Amateur Economists. The gamut runs from economic philosophy to politics to econometrics and more.

Readers have many questions. Undoubtedly, you will too.

I’ve always subscribed to the maxim that the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask.

Here’s your chance to prove that you’re not stupid. Ask me.

There are, of course, a few guidelines. Fortunately, you won’t find too many.

Obviously, I want to answer questions about economics, not why the sky is blue.

Of course, I don’t want porn, filth, smut, or anything that our editorial staff or readers will find offensive. Go visit the millions of sites where those things are acceptable.

Try to keep your questions to a sentence or two. Please don’t try to write a question the length of James Joyce’s novels.

I’m not afraid of controversial questions. Just make sure they deal with the economics of an issue.

If you’ve been following the economic talks of the various political candidates during this election year, you should find tons of questions that the normal media doesn’t ask.

Do you have a pet peeve in economics? Maybe I can find an answer for you.

Ever wondered why we grow enough food to feed everyone in this world, yet we don’t? The answer may surprise you.

What’s so “dismal” about the “dismal science”? Nothing, if you know who first coined the phrase.

Do you have to believe in economics even if you’re not a card-carrying capitalist? You bet! Marx or Lenin or Chairman Mao all dealt with the issue in their own way.

My favorite question? What is a widget, anyway?

As the saying goes, if you laid all the economists end to end, they would never reach a conclusion. So it may be with Amateur Economists. Chances are your questions will lead to a lively, stimulating debate. The questions are yours. The answers come back from a real person, not a preprogrammed computer format. Come back often to see how No Widgets Here answered your question.


Stephan Zimmermann is former department chair for economics and taught at various colleges and universities at both graduate and undergraduate levels. He was also a private economic consultant for firms ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to multinationals. Stephan studied at the University of California at Berkeley, Cambridge University, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He is currently retired and devotes his time to writing both fiction and nonfiction.

Submit your questions in the comments area.

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